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We strive to develop GNS as a valuable community asset, and show respect for all business and technical relationships, building on the contributions of our partners, with commitment to improve the human condition.    
One of GNS’s goals is to develop and maintain relationships with course attendees. The following comments reflect an excellent start to several relationships.    
"Thank you very much for your time and effort to make my stay in Greenville, PA perfect.  My letter is to tell you that I am really impressed with your facility and the excellent group of people that treated me like I was at home, but always focused on their teaching skills.  I have to tell you that I have been in many countries and more than 35 training facilities learning with large companies, but in Greenville I was with the best from beginning to end.  I loved the big training room, workshop lab, and the one-one-one training is very unique.  The only thing I did not like was that I was only there for four days (Beautiful Town).  For the next group of doctors that I send to the US to learn about MicroTargeting, their first stop will be the GNS training facility.  Thanks to the professionals at GNS, when I speak to my doctors and other professionals, they know I have the capacity and knowledge of selling these products.  Thank-you to the GNS people!"
Best Regards
Alejandro Lopez H.
R.P. Medicas
Medellin, Colombia


“Thank you for the recent course on Deep Brain Stimulation. It was excellent!  As a doctor of 21 years, I often find attending seminars a chore, …. This was intellectually stimulating and kept me interested the entire course.”

Dan Joachim, MD  
  Interoperative Monitoring Services  
"GNS course is an excellent preparation for anyone embarking on a DBS Surgical, Medical or Neurophysiology career. The faculty is knowledgeable, experienced and thorough. The practical sessions, especially those pertaining to electronics, electrodes and target localization case studies are invaluable. This course is a must for all Movement Disorder Physicians, Surgeons and Neurophysiologists."
Venkataramana Vijay MD, FRCSC  
  Functional Neurosurgery Fellow  
  Columbia University, New York  
“The intense yet organized three day Neuromodulation course, provided by GNS, was resourceful and efficient by covering topics with range from the basic sciences through hands on training of Deep Brain Stimulation Operating Room scenarios. The chosen knowledgeable professors where approachable, directed stimulating thought provoking sessions while maintaining a relaxing learning environment. “
Aiman Mahfouz, CNIM 
"The neuromodulation seminar was a very informative seminar to attend. Background information in all the support areas and demonstrations of how they are all interrelated helps to provide better patient care. The speakers were all very knowledgeable, approachable and worked well together. The sterotactic lab certainly gave in-depth look at a procedure that was unfamiliar to me."

Christina Humphrey - OR Nurse
  UPMC Horizon Hospital
  Greenville, Pennsylvania

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