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Welcome to Greenville Neuromodulation Services
Our Mission is to provide education, collaboration, research, and support that results in optimal patient care and quality of life for individuals suffering from Deep Brain Stimulation treatable disorders.    
Greenville Neuromodulation Services (GNS), a wholly owned subsidiary of FHC, Inc. located in northwestern Pennsylvania, fills a need in the rapidly growing neuroscience industry by offering a full range of services for patients and medical professionals involved in the treatment of movement disorders.   
GNS offers specialized course training sessions, developed by industry experts, for professionals seeking knowledge in neuropsychology, metal micro-electrode recording, and DBS neuromodulation therapy. A goal of GNS is to develop relationships with each course attendee and support them throughout their development.  
In addition to training, GNS provides 24 hour worldwide technical support to physicians, surgical nurses, technicians, and technology representatives who are involved in the industry. GNS offers installation, training, and repair services on a wide variety of neurosurgical tools and also provides services such as internet based support of surgical planning.  
Future plans include the Greenville Neuromodulation Clinic, to be a fully licensed ambulatory surgical center offering deep brain stimulation surgery, and that will provide patient care, counseling and support from diagnosis through surgery, and continuing through post operative program treatment.  
As new indications emerge, and new products and technologies are developed, GNS believes it is imperative for professionals to understand the fundamentals of the neuromodulation process. GNS is dedicated to teaching these fundamentals as well as providing insight to upcoming technology, products, procedures and discoveries that alleviate pain and suffering, and seeing this knowledge put to use, improving quality of life for those afflicted.
Find out more about Deep Brain Stimulation by playing the video below:

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